How Otuoma Riders SACCO Achieved a 21% Membership Growth with Kwara

Empowering Member Growth And Trust

In the heart of Usenge, Siaya County, Otuoma Riders SACCO is transforming the lives of its members through innovative financial solutions. Established on May 2nd, 2019, the SACCO has grown to 256 members, each benefiting from the collective strength of their community. We had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Vincent Otieno, the Chairman of Otuoma Riders SACCO, to learn about their journey and how Kwara’s platform has played a pivotal role in their success.

The Journey of Otuoma Riders SACCO

Starting a SACCO in a rural area comes with its unique challenges. Mr. Otieno shared, “We started not knowing much about the ins and outs of running a SACCO. However, through rigorous training, we have been able to learn so much. It’s been a tough but rewarding journey.” The SACCO’s commitment to growth and learning has been a key factor in its success.

Looking ahead, Mr. Otieno envisions a bright future for the SACCO. “We have a short-term plan to conduct a rigorous recruitment drive. We want to grow our membership and share capital, making our SACCO the number one choice in our community,” he explained.

The Otuoma Riders SACCO office in Uhanya Beach, Bondo, Siaya County

Overcoming Challenges with Kwara

Before adopting Kwara’s platform, Otuoma Riders SACCO faced significant challenges in data and financial management. “Managing data was a big problem for us,” Mr. Otieno recalled. The decision to use Kwara marked a turning point for the SACCO.

“Since we started using Kwara, data management has improved, and trust between the SACCO and its members has gone up,” Mr. Otieno noted. The transparency and accessibility provided by Kwara’s Core Banking and mobile app have been instrumental in restoring and enhancing trust within the SACCO.

Members of Otuoma Riders SACCO at a SACCO meeting

The Impact of Kwara

The concrete results speak for themselves. “We have experienced a 21% growth in membership since introducing Kwara in just one month,” Mr. Otieno proudly shared. This significant increase is a testament to the enhanced transparency and trust that Kwara has brought to the SACCO.

When everyone, SACCO staff, and members use Kwara, everyone can trust the society.

Mr. Vincient Otieno

A Testament to Trust

In closing, Mr. Otieno shared a powerful quote that encapsulates the value of using Kwara: “Making the switch to Kwara has been a great choice for us. With Kwara, trust is enforced because there is accuracy in the data and real-time feedback whenever members transact with the SACCO. When everyone, SACCO staff, and members use Kwara, everyone can trust the society.”

Otuoma Riders SACCO’s journey is a shining example of how technology can empower financial institutions in rural areas to achieve remarkable growth and foster trust among their members. Kwara is proud to be a part of their success story, and we look forward to supporting their continued growth and development.

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