Kwara on KUSSCO Leadership Transition

Nairobi, 16th January 2024

Concerning the recent developments at KUSCCO, as communicated on 15th January 2024 by the KUSCCO Board, specifically on the leadership transition of Managing Director and National Chairman, we wish to emphasize that Kwara’s partnership with KUSCCO is founded on mutual goals and ambitions for the SACCO sector. We believe that a SACCO sector with outstanding technology will enhance the financial health of people across Kenya and beyond. 

Looking to the future, we remain optimistic about our continued efforts in digitizing SACCOs together. Kwara’s primary focus, as always, is to serve our clients with technology that makes the member experience more efficient, secure and delightful. We will continue to innovate and excel in the SACCO industry, and offer full support to the incoming leadership. We will soon share exciting updates planned for the Kwara Core and App. For any inquiries, please reach out to


KUSCCO LTD is the umbrella body for SACCOs in Kenya serving over 4,000 SACCOs. It supports its member SACCOs with advocacy and representation. In addition, it offers SACCOs financial and technical advice and assistance as well as education and investment opportunities. Visit for more information.


Kwara is transforming SACCOs and Credit Unions into modern digital financial institutions, powered by an industry leading Core Banking System and a modern mobile banking experience for the SACCO members. Backed by investors across Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA, Kwara currently serves over 230 SACCOs, representing 200,000 SACCO members in Kenya, South Africa and the Philippines. It has to date processed over USD 1 Billion in transactions on its platform. Visit for more information. 

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