Compassionate Inua Jamii Sacco Transforms with Kwara

Boosting Member Confidence

Compassionate Inua Jamii Sacco, birthed from Compassion International Kenya (CIK) caregivers and beneficiaries in the Busia Cluster, has a remarkable mission: to release children from poverty. This Sacco, serving 16 projects, aims to empower caregivers for a sustainable future. The idea was to have a Sacco where caregivers could save as little as Ksh.200 per month and access low-interest loans. With over 3,000 members and a capital base of Ksh.7,000,000, each project contributed to its growth. Compassionate Inua Jamii Sacco was officially registered on March 17, 2021, per the Cooperative Societies Act.

The journey to empowerment

The path to success for Compassionate Inua Jamii Sacco was not without its challenges. Initially, there was no system in place to efficiently track and serve its growing membership. A bank had promised to provide a system at no cost, assuring that it could be customized to meet the Sacco’s unique needs. However, this promise turned out to be a disappointment when the system they offered was vastly different from what was expected. The lack of a suitable system meant that the Sacco couldn’t immediately begin offering loans to its members.

The Kwara Solution

In 2022, a turning point came when the Sacco was directed by the cooperatives officer to a presentation by Kwara at the Busia Agricultural Centre. The meeting with Kwara was a game-changer, as they presented a solution that perfectly aligned with Compassionate Inua Jamii Sacco’s needs. It wasn’t long before the Sacco took the bold step of launching the Kwara system on January 6, 2023, with the officiation by a County Governor representative.

Kwara Account Manager, Debbie Kenyatta speaking at Compassionate Inua Jamii Sacco’s member education day.

Impact and Transformation

With the Kwara system in place, Compassionate Inua Jamii Sacco began to experience a profound transformation. It enabled the Sacco to give out loans with ease, thanks to system-generated payment schedules and loan payment reminders. The Kwara team provided swift responses and guidance whenever needed, ensuring that the Sacco’s operations ran smoothly and efficiently.

Edwin’s Resounding Recommendation

When asked about recommending the Kwara system to other Saccos, Edwin’s response was emphatic. He recommends Kwara without reservation, especially for cooperatives that have yet to embrace digital solutions. He highlights how the system bolsters member confidence, ensuring transparent and conflict-free record-keeping. Kwara’s automation of member transactions and balance notifications reduces the administrative workload significantly, making it a standout choice for Saccos looking to go digital. Edwin expressed excitement about the future, confident that Kwara would continue to unlock greater heights and enhance their service to members.

There’s nothing better than when you’re using a system that reinforces confidence in the members. Members have a lot of confidence with the Sacco, they have a lot of confidence with the society.

Edwin Olaimo, Sacco Administrator at Compassionate Inua Jamii Busia County Cluster


The implementation of the Kwara system has proven to be a transformative journey for Compassionate Inua Jamii Sacco and its members. From resolving accountability issues to providing mobile accessibility for remote members, Kwara has become an invaluable tool in streamlining Sacco operations. Edwin’s resounding endorsement highlights the system’s potential to bring transparency, efficiency, and member confidence to Saccos, making it a must-have for cooperatives looking to embrace digital solutions and redefine their member experience.

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