NABOSA’s Award Winning Journey with Kwara

Paving the way to Cooperative Innovation


In the dynamic landscape of Laikipia County, Nanyuki Bodaboda Sacco also known as NABOSA, has emerged as a trailblazer, garnering recognition for its achievements. The Sacco, primarily comprised of energetic and entrepreneurial boda boda youths, has demonstrated excellence in housing initiatives, marketing, and sustainable savings practices. This success can be largely attributed to its prudent investment in various systems, with the Kwara Core Banking System emerging as the linchpin.

Awards and Achievements:

  1. Best Housing Cooperative 2023: Nanyuki Bodaboda Sacco’s proactive approach to housing initiatives is truly commendable. The Sacco’s commitment to providing affordable and accessible housing solutions for its members sets a standard for cooperatives nationwide. This recognition reflects Sacco’s dedication to improving the living standards of its members.
  2. Best in Marketing: Effective marketing strategies have played a pivotal role in Nanyuki Bodaboda Sacco’s remarkable journey. Sacco’s ability to reach its target audience and convey the value it offers is a testament to its innovative marketing team. This award underscores Sacco’s commitment to promoting its services and enhancing member engagement.
  3. Highest Sustainable Sacco Saver: Members’ contributions are the lifeblood of any cooperative, and Nanyuki Bodaboda Sacco has excelled in this aspect. Sacco’s sustainable savings practices demonstrate a commitment to financial stability and growth. This award acknowledges the members’ dedication to building a secure financial future.

Technology Investment

Nanyuki Bodaboda Sacco’s investment in various systems has been instrumental in its success. However, the Kwara Core Banking System has proven to be the ultimate savior, streamlining operations and enhancing accountability. The Sacco’s adoption of Kwara’s mobile channels has enabled members to actively make deposits and access products from the Sacco swiftly. The ease of USSD has allowed the Sacco to actively mobilize savings from their members. This is because in just a few clicks, a member can inquire the status of their savings, balances on their loans and even make deposits upon receiving their income.

Chairman’s Perspective

Mr. Maina, Sacco’s chairman, has emphasized the transformative impact of the systems they have in place, particularly the Kwara Core Banking System. The increased accountability brought about by this technology has boosted members’ confidence in Sacco’s operations. Through efficient and transparent financial management, members are assured that their investments are in capable hands, and their financial well-being is safeguarded.

Looking to the future

Nanyuki Bodaboda Sacco’s journey to excellence, marked by housing initiatives, innovative marketing, and sustainable savings practices, is a testament to the dedication and commitment of its members and leadership. Sacco’s strategic investment in the Kwara Core Banking System has not only optimized its operations but also enhanced accountability, instilling trust and faith in the hearts of its members. This award-winning Sacco serves as an inspiring example of progress and innovation in the cooperative sector.

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