Debbie Kenyatta’s Rise: From Intern to Senior Associate at Kwara


Meet Debbie Kenyatta, a dynamic Senior Growth Associate at Kwara who plays a crucial role in the Account Management department. In this insightful interview, Debbie shares her journey into the fintech industry, her experiences at Kwara, and how the company’s culture and innovative products are transforming the SACCO landscape. Read on to discover the passion and strategies behind Kwara’s mission to drive growth and success for SACCOs.

Wanjira: Introduce yourself and what you do.

Debbie: My name is Debbie Kenyatta, and I am a Senior Growth Associate at Kwara. I work in the Account Management department, where my primary role involves managing and enhancing relationships with our existing clients to ensure their success and satisfaction with our services.

Wanjira: Why did you join Kwara?

Debbie: I was initially attracted to Kwara because of my interest in the fintech space, having previously worked in a digital SACCO. Many of our customers at the SACCO were Kwarans, and through them, I got a glimpse of Kwara’s vibrant culture and innovative approach. The opportunity to join such a dynamic team came just at the right time, and the transition was seamless because of the familiar faces and the warm, welcoming environment I had already experienced indirectly.

Wanjira: How would you describe working at Kwara?

Debbie: Working at Kwara is exciting and distinctively different from my previous roles. What stands out the most is the company’s open-door policy, which fosters a culture where everyone’s opinion is valued and considered. This approach is quite challenging to maintain in many organizations where traditional hierarchies prevail. At Kwara, there’s a genuine commitment to professional development and growth. Since joining, I’ve enhanced my skills and been involved in strategic discussions that have broadened my understanding and capabilities within the fintech industry.

Wanjira: What is the most exciting thing about Account Management at Kwara?

Debbie: The most thrilling part of my role is building deep and trusting relationships with our clients. Trust is a critical commodity in the financial sector, and establishing and maintaining it is immensely rewarding. It’s exciting to position myself and Kwara as trusted advisors, helping clients weave our solutions into their long-term strategic goals. This strengthens our relationships and reinforces Kwara’s position as a key partner in their growth.

The dynamic account management duo, Naomi and Debbie, at the Q1 2024 Customer Success Day

Wanjira: How do you usually foster creativity and ideas?

Debbie: At Kwara, creativity is encouraged through continuous learning and feedback. The company provides a learning budget that allows us to constantly update our skills and stay ahead of industry trends. I actively seek feedback from my colleagues and supervisors to refine my approaches and innovate better solutions for our clients. This culture of continuous improvement helps keep our team creative and responsive to the ever-evolving market needs.

Wanjira: What is your favorite feature and why?

Debbie: My favorite feature at Kwara is definitely the instant loan product. I have a personal connection to this feature, as my Slack profile reads ‘Instant Loan Driver.’ I am passionate about this product because it ensures members’ engagement with their SACCOs. It helps SACCOs realize revenue quickly. It’s an investment; SACCOs can invest their money in lending through instant loans because returns are immense. I am seeing how it performs and its success; what’s not to like?

Wanjira: How do Kwara’s sales and customer success teams work together?

Debbie: The collaboration between sales, account management, and implementation teams is integral to our success. Although each team has distinct operations, our overarching goal is to ensure a smooth and efficient customer onboarding experience. Over time, we’ve honed our processes to ensure that all teams work in concert to resolve any challenges swiftly and enhance the customer journey. This unified approach has significantly improved our efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Wanjira: What or who inspires you?

Debbie: Professionally, I am greatly inspired by Cynthia, our CEO. Her inclusive leadership style and ability to listen and integrate diverse viewpoints into actionable solutions have been particularly impactful. On a personal level, my daughter is a constant source of inspiration. She motivates me to strive for excellence and to provide for her by setting a strong example of dedication and success. 

Cynthia Wandia, giving keynote speech at the KwaraNaKUSCCO partnership summit, 2023.

Wanjira: What is essential to know if people, clients, or team members are interested in working with Kwara?

Debbie: Anyone looking to join or work with Kwara must understand and embrace our values. Knowledge of the fintech industry and our specific products is also crucial. We look for individuals who are eager to contribute and integrate quickly into our dynamic environment.

To SACCO administrators, CEOs, and even SACCO members, I want them to know that Kwara is a growth partner. Those half-yearly, yearly, 3-year, and 5-year strategies you plan out and achieve 50%, 70%, or even 100%, but you could even do 1000%; Kwara will take you there. 

For SACCO members, it’s not enough to hope and wish that your SACCO could do this or could offer that. As you have rights and a voice, make sure in the next AGM that you vote for your SACCO to take on Kwara, join the revolution, and start on that growth. It’s time to grow.


Through Debbie Kenyatta’s experiences and insights, it’s clear that Kwara is not just a company but a catalyst for substantial growth and innovation within the SACCO sector. Kwara’s commitment to culture, customer success, and cutting-edge fintech solutions makes it an ideal partner for any SACCO looking to enhance their operations and achieve remarkable growth. If you’re intrigued by what Kwara has to offer and want to see firsthand how they can help transform your SACCO, don’t hesitate to book a demo today. Join the revolution with Kwara—the leading Growth Engine for SACCOs—and start on your path to unprecedented success.

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