Kwara Sparks a New Era for Mariakani Mabati SACCO


In the dynamic world of financial cooperatives, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) is not just an event—it’s a pivotal governance ritual where the future path of a SACCO is shaped. Mariakani Mabati SACCO’s latest AGM was a watershed moment, showcasing a significant digital leap facilitated by the Kwara system. We spoke with Vincent Onyango, the Treasurer, to delve into how this technological transformation has invigorated their operations and bolstered member trust and engagement.

Interview with Vincent Onyango

Vincent, please introduce yourself and Mariakani Mabati SACCO.

I’m Vincent Onyango, an engineer at Mabati Rolling Mills since 2011 and recently appointed treasurer of Mariakani Mabati SACCO. Established in 1988, our SACCO has grown significantly over 36 years despite facing service delivery challenges with increasing membership.

What led to the digital transformation at Mariakani Mabati SACCO?

Our journey toward digital transformation was initially rocky, hindered by outdated bookkeeping methods. However, the acquisition of IRNET by Kwara marked a turning point. After thorough vetting by our board, especially from our IT expert members, we were convinced of Kwara’s capabilities. This led to our decision to digitize our operations, enhancing our data integrity and streamlining services.

Members of Mariakani Mabati SACCO at the 2024 AGM
Can you highlight the impact of this year’s AGM on the SACCO?

This AGM was transformative for us. The introduction of Kwara’s system allowed our members to experience the ease and efficiency of borrowing via their smartphones. This boosted their confidence in our governance and played a crucial role in the smooth reelection of our chairpersons. The system was demonstrated during the AGM, where members could borrow up to Ksh.1,000 instantly, showcasing the practical benefits of our digital move.

Kwara has awakened a sleeping giant.

Mr. Vincent Onyango Treasurer Mariakani Mabati SACCI
What has been the overall impact of digitization on your SACCO?

The shift to Kwara’s digital platform has significantly reduced the workload on our staff and revolutionized our service delivery. Members can now process loans remotely, freeing staff to focus on other essential services. This change is part of our broader goal of improving operational efficiency, attracting new members, and enhancing service quality, highlighted as key achievements in our roadmap.

What is the key benefit of using Kwara for your SACCO?

Operational efficiency is the standout benefit. It has transformed how we prepare financial statements and conduct meetings. With real-time online access to financial data, our decision-making is quicker, data-driven, and more accurate. This technological leverage means no more guesswork, just factual and precise information management.


The recent AGM of Mariakani Mabati SACCO was more than a routine meeting; it declared a new era in digital financial management. The seamless integration of Kwara’s system has enhanced operational capabilities and reaffirmed our members’ trust in SACCO’s leadership and direction. As we move forward, the role of technology in driving SACCO efficiency and member satisfaction continues to be paramount, promising a brighter future for all our stakeholders.

Ready to experience the transformative power of Kwara in your SACCO? Book a demo today or get in touch to learn how we can help digitize and revitalize your cooperative, just like Mariakani Mabati SACCO.

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