Empowering Women Through Financial Unity


In the heart of Kenya, a group of visionary women led by Mwanahamisi Hamadi, the Chairperson of Wanawake Bomba SACCO, is transforming the landscape of women’s financial empowerment. Born from the inspirational stories of the Citizen TV segment “Mwanamke Bomba,” this SACCO (Savings and Credit Cooperative Society) is more than just a financial institution; it’s a beacon of hope and progress for women from all walks of life.

A Dream Turned Reality

Mwanahamisi Hamadi shares the journey of Wanawake Bomba SACCO, which started as a simple welfare group. “After interacting with different women, I saw the need to bring us together for a good cause,” she explains. The group quickly evolved from casual meet-ups to a structured SACCO, officially registering in 2022. Their mission was clear: to network, save money, and propel women to grow through opportunities and financial products like loans and investments.

The Future Vision

Wanawake Bomba SACCO’s ambitions are boundless. “We are not limited. We think outside the box and want something extraordinary,” Mwanahamisi states. The SACCO envisions owning multiple income-generating assets, from vacation homes to investment lands. “Nothing goes wrong where there is a woman,” she adds, highlighting the innovative and forward-thinking nature of its members.

Wanawake Bomba SACCO leadership on their first Member Education Day of 2024

The Kwara Partnership

Before partnering with Kwara, the SACCO relied heavily on manual processes. Mwanahamisi notes the significant impact of transitioning to Kwara’s platform: “Life has been easy; the journey has been smooth so far.” The platform allows members to easily check balances, make savings, and monitor SACCO’s overall health. “It makes it easy to monitor all if not most, aspects of the SACCO,” she remarks.

The Power of Technology

The convenience of the Kwara App and USSD service has been a game-changer for our SACCO. “You easily open the app, key in how much you want to save, and you are done,” Mwanahamisi explains. This ease of access ensures that members can save and manage their finances without the hassle of finding an agent or ATM.

A Testament to Partnership

When asked to share a quote about the value of using Kwara, Mwanahamisi doesn’t hesitate: “Kwara is the best partner so far!” This statement encapsulates the positive experience and impact that the partnership has had on the SACCO.


Wanawake Bomba SACCO’s journey is a testament to the power of unity, innovation, and technology in advancing women’s financial empowerment. With the support of Kwara, they are set to achieve their ambitious goals and continue making a significant impact in their communities.

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