From Chef at Kwara to Community Analyst

Emmaculate Njeri, A Rising Star

In the vibrant heart of Kwara, there is a star on the rise. Meet Emms, whose journey from a humble beginning as a chef to her current role as a Community Analyst is nothing short of inspiring. This interview unveils the story of a hardworking, resilient individual who embodies Kwara’s commitment to personal growth and opportunity. Join us as we delve into Emms’ incredible journey within Kwara and discover what makes Kwara an exceptional place to work.

Start of the interview

David: Could you introduce yourself briefly?

Emms: My name is Emmaculate Njeri, but most Kwarans know me as Emms. I started at Kwara as a chef on a consultancy basis. I serve as the chef, and the office manager, and recently, I got a new title, Community Analyst, that’s me!

David: What are some of the reasons that you were interested in working with Kwara?

Emms: Working at Kwara was quite different. I came to Kwara by chance because I was not looking for a job. But Kwara was looking for someone, and you requested if anyone knows a chef to share their name, you would call and get in contact with them. So, that’s how I came to Kwara. My name was shared, I came for the interview, cooked a few meals, and I think you guys liked my food. That’s how I got to start working at Kwara.

David: Could you share a little bit more about your journey at Kwara and what that has been like?

Emms: I began as the chef, as I mentioned earlier, but then I started doing other tasks that weren’t part of my original job. The office manager was at times away, so I ended up welcoming guests, showing them around, and offering them tea, even though I didn’t know these were office manager duties. Eventually, I officially became the office manager. It was a new challenge for me because I didn’t know much about digital work. But I’m grateful for the opportunity, and I’m trying my best to be a good office manager alongside my role as a chef.

Kwarans enjoying a delicious meal prepared by Emms.

David: You’ve mentioned learning experiences in the past, like getting a computer and client assistance. Can you share more about your learning curve?

Emms: I recall my first experience with a computer during event preparations. Faced with the challenge of opening large PDF files on my phone, a Kwaran provided me with a laptop. Although I had little computer experience, my colleagues were incredibly helpful, and I made significant progress. I’m proud of how far I’ve come in this journey, thanks to the wonderful people here who are always ready to assist.

David: How would you describe Kwara?

Emms: Kwara is a purpose-driven company, with leaders like Cynthia and David setting an inspiring example. When you join Kwara, it becomes personal; you want to work as hard as the leaders do. There’s a strong dedication to representing Kwara positively, and everyone is committed to the company’s mission.

David: What would you say is the most exciting thing about working at Kwara?

Emms: The most exciting part of working at Kwara is the opportunities for growth. If you’re a hard worker, you have room to excel. It’s a place with great leaders who work alongside you, provide opportunities, and let you thrive without micromanagement. It’s a nice, empowering place to work.

David: If you had to single out the one thing at Kwara that you’ve done, worked on, or achieved, what would you say is the thing that you’re most proud of? 

Emms: I’m most proud of the recent Kwara-KUSCCO partnership summit. It was a new and challenging project for me, and we organized it successfully. It was a proud moment, as it went off without a hitch, and was a significant achievement for me at Kwara.

David: What is the memory that you will never forget? The one that is most vivid from those particular two days?

Emms: The most vivid memory for me was during the awards ceremony at the Kwara-KUSCCO partnership summit. The gentleman who received the motorbike prize on behalf of the lady winner was so ecstatic that it made the entire crowd happy. Participants left the event motivated, with some even speculating about a car prize for the following year. It was a heartwarming moment.

Emms’ standout moment in Kwara: Mr. Arnold Munene receiving the award at the Kwara-KUSCCO Partnership Summit

David: What is your impression of what clients think of Kwara?

Emms: Most clients are pleasantly surprised by our hospitality. They often comment on the refreshments we provide and the care we show for their well-being. It sets us apart from their experiences in other places, where they may not receive such treatment.

David: If you could give them some sort of advice or message about what it’s like to work with Kwara, what would you tell them?

Emms: I’d advise them that at Kwara, hard work is essential because our leadership team sets a high standard. They offer opportunities to those who show potential, like they did for me. Kwara has great leaders who lead by example, and it’s a place where you have the freedom to work without feeling micromanaged. As long as you deliver, you’re given the freedom to do your work. But it’s important to remember that our leaders work hard, so it motivates us to work even harder.

End of the interview

Emms’ story serves as a testament to the ethos of Kwara, a company that values hard work, personal growth, and opportunity. From being a talented chef to taking on multiple roles, including that of a Community Analyst, Emms showcases the potential for growth within Kwara. The company’s purpose-driven culture and leadership lead by example, creating an environment where every team member is inspired to excel. As we celebrate Emms’ journey, we also celebrate the culture and values that make Kwara a special place to work, where success stories like Emms’ continue to unfold.

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