Kwara’s Role in Strengthening DPAK SACCO

A Journey to Empower the Diaspora


In the heart of Kenya and reaching as far as the Middle East, DPAK SACCO a domestic workers’ savings and credit cooperative, has been a beacon of hope for domestic workers.

  • It was formed in 2019 as an informal welfare/table banking group by members of the Domestic Professionals Association of Kenya, an association of domestic workers.
  • The SACCO addresses unique financial challenges faced by domestic workers (DWs) in Kenya and abroad. They offer training in personal financial management, covering five areas: income, saving, spending, investing, and money protection.
  • DPAK SACCO has onboarded 150 members, with 90% being domestic workers who save monthly and access loans.

This cooperative’s mission extends beyond just financial services, encompassing human rights advocacy and training programs that empower domestic workers. In this article, we’ll explore DPAK SACCO’s journey with Kwara, highlighting the challenges they faced, the transformative solution they found, and the tangible results they achieved.

The Challenge

DPAK SACCO, like many cooperatives, encountered several operational challenges. Multiple manual processes, paperwork, and administrative hurdles created inefficiencies within the organization. International members faced difficulties in accessing services efficiently. The challenge was clear: how to streamline operations, improve member services, and enhance financial access for the diaspora.

The Solution

DPAK SACCO’s solution came in the form of Kwara. They integrated Kwara to bring about a transformation. Kwara’s core banking solution streamlined internal processes, reduced the administrative workload, and introduced mobile banking to members. Instant loans are now available to the members making financial support more accessible and convenient. The platform also improved service delivery to international members, addressing the unique challenges they faced.


The partnership with Kwara has led to tangible improvements. Administrative workload has decreased significantly, resulting in reduced processing times for loan applications and faster loan disbursement. International member retention has also seen a considerable increase, highlighting the success of improved diaspora services. These results underscore the real-world benefits that DPAK SACCO members now enjoy.

Our financial access has been transformed. As a domestic worker abroad, loans are a lifeline during emergencies. It’s fast, reliable, and fair. DPAK SACCO’s commitment to our well-being is truly appreciated


Future Plans

Looking ahead, DPAK SACCO aims to further expand its outreach and services for the diaspora. They plan to continue leveraging their partnership with Kwara to ensure that more domestic workers, both at home and abroad, benefit from the transformation they’ve experienced. The future holds even more potential for DPAK SACCO and its members.

To enhance your SACCO and elevate your members’ experiences, take the first step toward transformation by booking a demo with Kwara today.

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