How SACCO Mobile Banking Breaks Barriers to Serve Everyone

Have you ever thought about the challenges that Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations (SACCOs) face in Kenya? They work tirelessly to bring financial services to everyone. This can be tough. Imagine trying to reach someone in a rural or remote area where the nearest branch might be miles away. It sounds like an uphill task, doesn’t it?

But here’s the exciting part – mobile banking is changing this picture!

Deposit from anywhere

With mobile banking, SACCOs can now serve their members no matter where they are. Remember how a member had to visit the SACCO to deposit money or apply for a loan? Well, with mobile banking apps like Kwara, those days are behind us. A member can deposit or repay a loan directly from their phone, from anywhere. The best part: they don’t even need a smartphone or internet connection for it. A feature phone and USSD are enough to do the trick!

More members

With easier access to SACCO services, more and more people are joining SACCOs. In fact, Kwara’s mobile banking platform makes member registration a piece of cake. Any individual can find a SACCO on the Kwara App and join in minutes. This helps SACCOs grow at an incredibly fast rate. Look at Karura Community SACCO – they’ve gone from 800 to 2,800 members in less than two years after introducing mobile banking. And it’s not just Karura Community SACCO, many others such as Evergain SACCO, Ubba SACCO, and Tranway SACCO are experiencing similar growth.

Fast loans in a few clicks

Mobile banking has another big advantage – mobile loans. With these loans, SACCO members can apply for a loan right from their phone in case of emergency. If they meet conditions set by the SACCO, like having enough savings and no loans in arrears, the mobile loan gets approved and disbursed instantly. This feature can be a real lifesaver in emergencies, drawing members even closer to a SACCO and making a SACCO stand out as a fast, and digital SACCO.

Bright Future Ahead

The experience of SACCOs who use mobile banking shows us the powerful potential of SACCOs powered with the right technology. It’s not just about making banking services faster or more convenient. It’s about breaking down barriers and reaching people who might have been left behind. That’s why we believe mobile banking is the way forward for SACCOs in Kenya.

I hope you find this as exciting as we do! Stay tuned to our blog for more updates on the world of mobile banking.

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