Igniting Margaret’s Dreams Through Modern Banking

Catalyzing transformative change

Margaret Muthoni Mbuthia embarked on her journey to Nairobi in 2003, barely past her teenage years. Armed with nothing but determination and dreams, she traded the familiar coast for Nairobi’s bustling streets. But more than two decades later, the ambitious entrepreneur is navigating the business world with the help of Kwara, a mobile banking platform designed for SACCO members.

Finding Her Footing in Nairobi

Coming to Nairobi as a teenager, Margaret’s early days were marked with uncertainty. “I was a teenager, far from home, scared but excited” Margaret reminisces. She found employment in a shop owned by an Indian family, which served as her introduction to the world of business. By 2008, Margaret ventured out on her own, setting up a roadside stand selling blankets. The business not only brought prosperity but enabled her to provide for her family, especially during times when her husband, a trained printer, faced unpredictable work.

Journey with JCA Industrial SACCO and Kwara

Margaret’s journey with JCA Industrial SACCO began in 2012. However, the real turning point came when JCA collaborated with Kwara. “Since the SACCO gave us Kwara, I have applied for 4 or 5 instant loans. The loans are short-term, just 30 days, but have good terms” Margaret explains. The short-term loans, often applied for unexpected expenses like medical fees, ensured her family’s well-being. “Without the instant loans my daughter would not have gotten the care that she needed. Dreadful things could have happened” she confides.

Additionally, Kwara’s platform offered Margaret seamless payment solutions, aiding her blanket business’s efficiency.

Visions of a Safer Future

While Margaret’s businesses have seen highs and lows, her aspirations remain undeterred. “I hope to move my business to a safer location,” she shares, highlighting the dangers of the industrial area she currently operates in. “To be successful, you must invest. You must get loans.” Margaret also speaks about her dreams of purchasing a house with a formal title deed, ensuring security for her family.

Without the instant loans my daughter would not have gotten the care that she needed. Dreadful things could have happened

Margaret Muthoni – JCA SACCO member

Yet, at the heart of her ambitions lies education for her children. She has a lot of school fees to pay, but with JCA SACCO and Kwara, she stands a chance. “My daughter just needs a few more years to finish school. Then maybe she could get into university. Her future has so many more possibilities than mine did.”

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