Bariki Women SACCO Soars to Success with Kwara

Winning ‘Best Women Cooperative Prize’

Bariki Women SACCO, a leading cooperative empowering women in Kenya, has experienced unprecedented success ever since integrating the Kwara platform into their operations. The collaboration has been nothing short of transformative, propelling the SACCO to new heights of efficiency and member satisfaction. Winning the prestigious ‘Best Women Cooperative prize’ with Kwara is a testament to the remarkable journey we have undertaken together.

“In the past, we struggled to keep track of our membership and understand their activity status,” says the Chairperson of Bariki Women SACCO. “But the Kwara core banking platform has been of extreme help since we started using it. Now, we can confidently say how many members we have and monitor their savings and loan repayments seamlessly.”

The Haraka loan feature, in particular, has been a game-changer for our members. During emergencies, they can rely on Sacco to access instant loans by dialing *341#. This newfound ability empowers them to address pressing family and business needs promptly, utilizing their savings to support them. As a result, our members’ trust and confidence in Sacco has soared, knowing that their hard-earned money is protected by robust systems.

The benefits of Kwara have not only extended to our local members but also reached those residing in other counties like Nakuru and Nairobi as well as other countries such as Qatar and the UAE. The mobile banking channels provided by Kwara enable these members to save and borrow effortlessly, transcending geographical barriers.

Kwara has truly been a game-changer for us. We were facing challenges with manual tracking of membership, and there was a need for a more sophisticated and integrated solution. Kwara provided exactly that, streamlining our operations and enhancing our members’ experience.

IT Manager, Bariki Women SACCO

With Kwara’s core banking system in place, Bariki Women SACCO has experienced a significant resurgence in credibility and trust among its members. “The automation of processes has allowed us to embrace a paperless approach, which has drastically improved our ability to promptly serve our members. Gone are the days of sifting through piles of files; with just a few clicks, we can now swiftly address any challenges they encounter.”

The success story of Bariki Women SACCO with Kwara exemplifies the transformative power of innovation and collaboration. With Kwara’s cutting-edge system, the SACCO experienced remarkable milestones, improving efficiency and member satisfaction. Kwara’s support in streamlining operations and enhancing experiences has solidified Bariki Women Sacco’s reputation.

As a forward-thinking cooperative, Bariki Women’s SACCO continues to inspire women’s empowerment and financial inclusion. The future holds even greater possibilities as they journey forward together, driven by their shared commitment to excellence.

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