Unlocking Growth and Efficiency with Kwara

Bestrock’s Transformative Journey

Bestrock SACCO’s partnership with the Kwara system has been nothing short of extraordinary. Recognizing the potential for growth and efficiency, The SACCO leadership made a strategic decision to embrace this technology-driven solution to streamline their operations and enhance member services. Since implementing Kwara, Bestrock SACCO has witnessed remarkable improvements in various aspects of their operations.

Reactivating Dormant Members:

One of the most significant achievements has been the successful reactivation of dormant members through the introduction of mobile instant loans, made possible by Kwara’s capabilities. The SACCO reached out to members who had previously been inactive, offering them convenient and accessible loan options. This proactive step resulted in a substantial increase in membership engagement, with the number of active members surging from 1,200 to an impressive 3,263 out of a total pool of 5,121 members.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency:

Kwara’s implementation streamlined loan processing and management, leading to a noticeable improvement in operational efficiency. Tasks that were once cumbersome and time-consuming now flow seamlessly through the system. This not only saves time but also allows SACCO staff to focus on more strategic and member-centric activities.

Becoming Kwara Champions:

Recognizing the immense value of Kwara, the SACCO administrators took it upon themselves to become Kwara champions within their organization. They dedicated time and effort to master the system, but they didn’t stop there. They assumed the role of educators, sharing best practices with other SACCO administrators. This approach created a ripple effect, where the entire SACCO benefited from their newfound knowledge and expertise.

A Quote from Mr.James Ngene, Bestrock SACCO Board Member:

“Kwara has truly revolutionized the way we operate at Bestrock SACCO. Our growth has been exponential since we adopted the system. The activation of dormant members through mobile instant loans was a game-changer, and the efficiency gains we’ve experienced are impressive.”

In conclusion, Bestrock SACCO’s journey with the Kwara system has been a testament to the power of technology-driven solutions in the financial sector. Through their proactive approach and dedication to excellence, Bestrock SACCO has not only unlocked remarkable growth but also set an inspiring example for other financial institutions. As they continue to leverage Kwara’s capabilities and share their knowledge, there’s no doubt that their journey toward innovation and excellence will continue to flourish.

The Bestrock Sacco Team during the Customer Success Day at Kwara August 2023
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