Wellington’s Photography Journey Origins

Ignited by Karura Community SACCO

You may have seen the word-class pictures shared across our website and blog. Guess what? The success achieved by our photographer Wellington stems from one of our own clients: Karura Community SACCO.

How Wellington Started His Photography Dreams Karura Community SACCO

Wellington, a 29-year-old fashion and events photographer, fits his camera lens with the precision of an artist. As someone who once rented photography equipment to make ends meet, he’s now the proud owner of his own high-spec camera and is zooming in on financial health. Behind his bright smile and sharp focus lies his membership with Karura Community SACCO and Kwara, a journey that redefined his approach to savings, loans, and financial planning.

The Man Behind The Lens

“When I came to know about Kwara as part of Karura Community SACCO, it piqued my interest,” Wellington recalls. Like many creatives, his work has peaks and valleys. Sometimes gigs are abundant; sometimes they’re scarce. He needed a financial cushion for lean times, and for the substantial investments his craft requires. “I didn’t have my camera, and renting was super expensive. I also needed to pay school fees for my brother. That’s why I joined the SACCO.”

Life Before & After SACCO and Kwara

Before joining Karura Community SACCO, Wellington had tried various savings apps. “I used to get loans from four different apps, but the interest rates were sky-high,” he says. But after he got to know Kwara at an end-of-year annual general meeting, his perspective shifted.

“The ease of saving and borrowing from Karura Community SACCO is what attracted me. With Kwara, it’s even better. The interest rates are affordable, and accessing cash is easy,” he gushes.

Lens, Lighting, and Loans

Wellington had saved up some money to buy a new camera, but it wasn’t enough for the high-quality camera he desired. “I applied for a loan through Karura, and in a week’s time, it was approved. I added that to my savings, and I got my camera,” he exclaims. He was able paid off his big loan worth 300,000 Kenyan shillings last week, with the help of Kwara. While he lost his smartphone, he was able to pay off his loan through the USSD app that Kwara provided him.

But he’s not stopping there. “I also want to add some things because I need maybe another lens, I need some lighting. The SACCO has really helped me on my journey toward purchasing my camera and supporting my brother’s education.”

The ease of saving and borrowing from Karura Community SACCO is what attracted me. With Kwara, it’s even better. The interest rates are affordable, and accessing cash is easy.

Wellington, Kwara Photographer & Member of Karura Community Sacco

A Culture of Saving, Powered by Kwara

“When it’s not fully accessible to you, you develop a culture of saving,” Wellington points out, appreciating Kwara’s approach to disciplined saving. For someone who loves numbers, he also praises how Kwara provides immediate access to financial statements. “I get to see my saving pattern. It helps me know where my money is going. I don’t have to wait for three months to see how I’ve been doing.”

Community and Beyond

Wellington’s story isn’t just personal success; it’s community building. He initially discovered Kwara while doing photography for Karura Community SACCO. He was so impressed that he not only joined but now dreams of more growth for the platform. “Kwara is one of the most fantastic systems I have seen,” he beams.

So what’s next for Wellington? “I dream of Karura and Kwara going beyond Kenya. And I hope it will take me as the photographer even to all this.” With his talent and the financial backing of his SACCO and Kwara, it’s not hard to imagine Wellington framing that dream into a reality soon. We will be sure to capture a few pictures from him!

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