Kwara’s Year-End Showcase of Exciting Product Updates and Features

Wrapping Up 2023

Welcome to Kwara’s Year-End Highlights! As we bid farewell to another impactful year, we’re thrilled to share the strides we’ve made in enhancing the core banking platform for SACCOs and the user-friendly app and USSD *341# for SACCO members. Join us as we walk through the key features that define our commitment to empowering credit unions and their members in 2023!

SASRA Reports on Kwara Core: Empowering Regulatory Compliance.

In the dynamic landscape of SACCO regulation in Kenya, SASRA plays a pivotal role. For Deposit-taking SACCOs, compliance is not just a necessity but a mandate. Kwara’s SASRA Reports, meticulously developed for both Deposit-taking (DT) and Non-deposit-taking (Non-DT) SACCOs, ensure seamless regulatory reporting. These reports, including Capital Adequacy and Liquidity Statements, empower SACCOs to navigate compliance precisely and accurately.

Dividend Module on Kwara Core: Automating Member Dividends.

Designed to save time and resources for SACCO accounting teams, this module provides a clear breakdown of cumulative dividends for each member. SACCOs can easily differentiate interest on deposits from dividends on shares, ensuring accurate financial management and timely distribution of earnings to members.

Operational Reports on Kwara Core: Real-Time Insights for SACCOs.

In the data-driven world, real-time insights are necessary. Kwara Core introduced Operational Reports, including the Member Listing Report, Deposit Listing Report, Loan Listing Report, and Check Off Advice Report. These reports offer a transparent view of members, savings, loans, and payroll deductions, empowering SACCOs with actionable data for strategic decision-making. Here is a detailed breakdown of each report.

Buying Airtime on Kwara App and USSD: Cashback Incentives.

Everyday tasks become rewarding with Kwara! SACCO members can buy airtime seamlessly through the Kwara App or USSD. What’s the IT factor? They get a 3% bonus directly to their SACCO savings account on every airtime purchase. Turning their airtime into savings – it’s a win-win!

Multiple Membership on Kwara App and USSD: Simplifying SACCO Management.

Managing multiple SACCO memberships effortlessly with Kwara. Members can access all their SACCOs seamlessly with just one phone number and national ID. No more juggling platforms and apps. We guide members through the simple steps for both the Kwara App and USSD.

Find a SACCO Recommendation Engine: Simplifying SACCO Joining.

An industry first! Gone are the days of long queues and endless paperwork! Kwara’s Sacco Recommendation System transforms how people join SACCOs. Instant membership with just a few clicks, no more endless forms, and a golden opportunity for SACCOs to rapidly grow their membership. Joining a SACCO has never been this convenient!

Collections and Payouts Via Cellulant: Streamlining Transactions.

Goodbye to manual reconciliations! Working with Cellulant and deposit banks, Kwara brought end-to-end automated processes for SACCOs. SACCOs on Kwara now collect and disburse funds effortlessly through multiple payment options, including Mpesa push STK, bank deposits, and payment cards. They now experience automation, accuracy, and time savings – allowing SACCOs to focus on what matters most: their members.

Top Up on Core: Enhancing Loan Flexibility.

With members needing extra funds after taking a loan, SACCOs require a fast, accurate, and reliable way to do it to meet this request from their members, and we made it happen. Topping up an existing loan for a member is now seamless. We make it easy – transfer the principal balance plus an additional amount to a new loan account with new terms.

Instant Loan 2.0: Managing Risk and Rewarding Responsible Borrowing.

We enhanced risk management with Instant Loan 2.0! Identifying and restricting dormant members from accessing instant loans while rewarding responsible borrowers with higher credit limits was an ask SACCO had with the instant loan feature. It is prudent for SACCOs to ensure committed and active members access loans.

Freshdesk Integration: Improving Customer Support.

Customer support got a boost! Kwara is now integrated with Freshdesk, streamlining the support system across the core banking system, Kwara Web App, and Kwara Mobile App. This is to ensure enhanced customer support efficiency and responsiveness.

Core Filtering Improvements: Enhanced Tracking and Analysis.

Navigate data with ease! Kwara Core introduced filtering improvements, including Audit Trail Filtering for enhanced tracking, Date Filtering options for better data analysis, and an improved user interface for streamlined report generation. Our overall goal with this enhancement is to improve SACCOs’ tracking capabilities.

USSD Pin Wall Redesign: Quick and Easy Access

Members can now access deposits, airtime, and repayments quicker than ever with Kwara’s USSD Pin Wall Redesign. They get to enjoy a redesigned interface for easy and efficient navigation. With USSD being one of the ways members of SACCOs who do not use smartphones remain connected to their cooperative, their financial transactions are now just a few taps away.

Loan Schedule Redesign on Core: Improved Layout and Options

With Kwara’s Loan Schedule Redesign, SACCOs can now experience a new era in loan management. Featuring a fresh layout with additional financial columns and installment options, managing loans becomes more intuitive and user-friendly.


As we wrap up this journey through Kwara’s Year-End Highlights, we invite SACCOs and members to explore these transformative features. Kwara is committed to revolutionizing financial experiences, ensuring seamless operations for SACCOs, and enhancing convenience for members. Join us in embracing a future of efficient, user-centric financial management with Kwara to improve financial health.

Wanjira Ng’ethe – Product Marketer at Kwara

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