Little Lambs SACCO’s Digital Transformation with Kwara


Little Lambs SACCO, an employee-based cooperative in Eldoret, Kenya, has seen significant growth and development since its inception in 2017. With 150 members from Little Lambs School, the SACCO has been on a journey to improve its financial services and member experience. This case study explores the challenges faced, the transition to Kwara’s digital solutions, and the impactful benefits realized by Little Lambs SACCO.


Founded in 2017, Little Lambs SACCO is located in Eldoret, Kenya, and serves the employees of Little Lambs School. With a membership 150, the SACCO has made significant strides in providing financial services to its members. Katherine Wami, who we spoke to, has been the treasurer since 2022 and plays a pivotal role in SACCO’s operations and development.

Challenges Before Kwara

Before adopting Kwara, Little Lambs SACCO faced significant challenges with its initial system. They engaged a service provider who delivered a non-functional system, resulting in continued manual operations with Excel files. Members had to call the SACCO to know their status, as there was no efficient way to access their records electronically.

The transition to Kwara marked a turning point for Little Lambs SACCO. Implementing Kwara’s digital solutions allowed the SACCO to set up member profiles, improve data accuracy, and introduce instant loans. These changes significantly reduced the administrative burden and enhanced the efficiency of SACCO’s operations.

Benefits of Kwara

Kwara’s products brought numerous benefits to Little Lambs SACCO. Members now use the Kwara Connect App to view their loan balances, reducing the need for phone calls and increasing convenience. The SACCO staff, who also work as full-time employees at Little Lambs School, can now focus more on their primary roles, thanks to the automation of many processes. The ability to pull reports with a click of a button further streamlined their operations.

Impact in Numbers

The impact of Kwara on Little Lambs SACCO is evident in its financial growth. As of 2023, the SACCO’s assets were around Ksh.13.7M. Following the launch of instant loans on 8th March 2024, over Ksh.1M was lent out within a month and a half. This new loan product, earning 10% interest, has significantly contributed to SACCO’s financial health and member dividends.


Little Lambs SACCO’s transition to Kwara has significantly enhanced operational efficiency and member satisfaction. The ability to offer instant loans, access real-time data, and reduce administrative burdens has transformed the SACCO. The future looks promising as Little Lambs SACCO continues to grow and leverage Kwara’s solutions to better serve its members.

If you want to transform your SACCO like Little Lambs SACCO, we invite you to book a demo with Kwara today. Discover how our solutions can help streamline your operations and enhance member experience. Book a demo and start your journey towards digital transformation.

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