The Journey of Lang’ata Motorbike SACCO

A Tale of Resilience and Innovation


Lang’ata Motorbike SACCO (LAMSA), founded by motorbike riders in 2015, has experienced significant transformations and challenges. In an interview with Jamlick Murithi, a dedicated government auditor of cooperatives and a pivotal figure in LAMSA, we delve into LAMSA’s journey, the hurdles faced, and how the partnership with Kwara revolutionized its operations.

The Genesis and Revival of Lang’ata Motorbike SACCO

Before 2015, the Lang’ata Motorbike Association (LAMBA) was mainly for riders and owners. It gave birth to Lang’ata Motorbike SACCO, where those members who had joined transitioned into LAMSA. As one of the founders, we initially stepped aside for new leadership. However, we had to step in again 2019 to revive the SACCO. Initially, we had 54 members, but by 2019, membership had dwindled to just 14. We worked hard to revive the SACCO, and by 2020, we held our first AGM. Today, we have boosted our membership to 100, with around 70 active members.

A Vision for the Future

Immediately after joining Kwara, LAMSA gave birth to another initiative, LAMSA Mlandi. The typical LAMSA member is a regular motorbike rider with a fluctuating income. SACCO Mlandi has enabled members to access homeownership. To date, 24 members are on course to own a plot of land and build their own homes, a significant milestone for those without a stable income. We are now exploring support for members to venture into the taxi business from motorbike ride-hailing. We’ve also incorporated women into the SACCO, with two ladies now in management, boosting their small businesses and financial empowerment.

Kwara came in when we really needed it. It is the partner that we feel is part of us.

Jamlick Murithi, LAMSA SACCO

Challenges Before Kwara

I realized we were sitting on a ticking time bomb. Without a system like Kwara, the SACCO would be in dire straits. We had a lot of paperwork, discrepancies, and friction among members. Loan management was a nightmare, with members expecting forfeited interest for early repayments, complicating revenue calculations. The Kwara system solved these problems by providing real-time updates, clear expectations for loan repayments, and reducing administrative backlog.

LAMSA SACCO officials in attendance at the Kwara CS Day Q2 2023

The Benefits of Kwara

The Kwara system is very beneficial to me. It always shows me my balance and reminds us when to repay our loans. It updates payments and savings in real time. I love that members can save money by using Kwara to buy airtime. As a SACCO admin, I can retrieve reports easily and manage member loans seamlessly. The system has streamlined our operations, making tracking payments and confirming transactions easier.

As an auditor of cooperatives, I interact with various systems, and I can confidently say that Kwara is a partner that truly feels like part of us. On a scale of 0-10, I give Kwara a strong 8/10 for its security and efficiency.

Jamlick Murithi, LAMSA SACCO


Jamlick Murithi’s story is a testament to the power of resilience and innovation in transforming a community-focused SACCO. With Kwara’s support, Lang’ata Motorbike SACCO has revived and thrived, enabling its members to achieve significant financial milestones. This journey underscores the importance of strategic partnerships in building a sustainable future for cooperatives.

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